Herceg Novi Comic book Festival (Hercegnovski strip festival – HSF)

Herceg Novi Comic book Festival (Hercegnovski strip festival – HSF) is the only comic convention in Montenegro. Nikola Curcin, a local painter, comic book artist and musician founded this event in 2007 with an idea to promote and educate the public about the „ninth art.“ The festival has grown each year and it has established itself as the prime destination for the world’s best comic book artists and a must-attend festivity for the comic book fans all across the Balkan region. 

HSF is a six-day event that always starts on the first Friday in September. It is an event comprised of art exhibits, live drawing and signing sessions, presentations, promotions, comic book sales, and live music concerts each evening. All the festival programs happen on a different location throughout the Herceg Novi Old Town, and are free of charge for the public!

HSF team also organizes an event called Herceg Novi Comic book Weekend. Somewhat smaller in scope, this event focuses on a single subject or a star artist. It is a winter event that was founded in 2016, with similar programs as the original festival and is hugely gaining in popularity.

HSF is known for its incredible fun and huge music concerts that complement the comic books program. The nights and parties at HSF are unforgettable. Some of the biggest regional music stars have performed at this festival, along with the young and upcoming bands. Our guests also enjoy a variety of side activities such as sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, salsa dancing, sight seeing, etc. 

Herceg Novi Comic book Festival had a great pleasure of hosting some of the world’s absolute top artists working for the biggest publishing houses such as Marvel, DC Comics, Image and Dark Horse as well as the biggest European stars working for French editors Les Humanoides Associes, Dargaud, Soleil, Glenat, Lombard and the Italian powerhouse Sergio Bonelli Editore.

The list of world known artists that have already been special guests of HSF includes Eisner Award winner Glenn Fabry and the greats Enrique Breccia, Esad Ribic, RM Guera, Mike Collins, Igor Kordej, Zoran Janjetov, Javi Fernandez, Rufus Dayglo, Fernando Dagnino, Andrea Di Vito, Mirko Čolak, Toni Fejzula, Boo Cook, Simon Davis, Goran Sudžuka, Darko Macan, Werther Dell’Edera, etc. 

Special list is reserved for the Italian comic book stars as their comic books are the most popular ones in Montenegro, and the HSF has gained quite a reputation in Italy. Some of the notables are Mario Alberti, Walter Venturi, Giorgio Pontrelli, Davide De Cubellis, Fabio Celoni, Pasquale Del Vecchio, Walter Trono, Joevito Nuccio, Paolo Mottura, Enea Riboldi, Maurizio Di Vincenzo, etc.

One name stands out a little bit above the others – William Simpson, a two-time Emmy Award winner for his work on the TV show „Game of Thrones“. Will has become a regular guest of all editions of HSF and has been named the official HSF Ambassador in the world. If you plan to visit HSF, you should be absolutely certain that you will meet Will and get a sketch from him.

Herceg Novi Comic book festival is an unforgettable experience for any comic book and visual arts fan. Visitors can come and meet their heroes up close and personal and share a talk or a beer with them. From the mornings to late late nights, for six straight days, the whole town enters a magical world of great stories, amazing characters, incredible talent and loads of positivity. Complemented with beautiful weather, sea and the sand, this is a Festival you do not want to miss, ever.

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