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Mimosa Festival Heceg Novi

Mimosa flower which blossoms and defies winter, transforming the whole coast of Herceg Novi into a splendid garden, is a symbol of the festival and winter tourism of Boka Bay and Montenegrin coastline. Mimosa...

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Fortresses of Herceg Novi

Massive silent, but vivid witnesses of rich history and culture and significant geo- strategic position of Herceg Novi are its fortresses that were build during the centuries or the development of this...

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Art School Cetinje – Herceg Novi

The School of Fine Arts was founded in Cetinje in 1946 and even with the rank of high school it significantly influenced the development of fine arts in Montenegro. Milo Milunović was a professor, and...

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Villages of Himara

Old Himara  Old Himara and the Castle, otherwise known as Barbakas, are in themselves important monument which testifies to the human presence in the Himara region of 3500 years. It has existed since...

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The culinary tradition of Himara

The culinary tradition of Himara is conditioned by the geographical position sea-hill-mountain and includes a variety of local dishes derived from the riches of land and sea. Residents have focused...

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Fishing in Himara

Evidence indicates that in antiquity Porto Palermo was the abode of merchant and fishing vessels. The fishing activity to meet the demands of businesses and residents of Himara and beyond is carried...

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Ali Pasha Castel

The castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena is located on the peninsula of Porto Palermo. It has a triangular shape and is located in a geographical position that helped to protect it. On the seaside, we find...

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