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WEBPORT is the digital port of the Mediterranean. It is designed and edited by CIHEAM Bari within NEMO project. It started in 2014 with the support of the Italian Agency for Cooperation to Development and in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries of Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

It’s a web portal that currently hosts the coastal communities of Tricase in Italy, Tiro in Lebanon, Marsa Matrouh in Egypt, Zarzis in Tunisia, Algiers in Algeria, Nador in Morocco and, since 2017, Porto Palermo in Albania.

It’s a venue for exhibiting and exchanging new practices and experiences, listening to the needs of communities and identifying concrete actions, fostering collaboration and encouraging cooperation projects for development. WEBPORT was also set up to respond to the phenomenon of migration in the Mediterranean, being aware that migrations are not so much an urgency situation but rather a structured phenomenon that requires concrete responses and actions for development in the areas they originate from. Several actions have been completed so far: from the identification of the major traditions and typical products of the territories to the analysis of local production processes and resulting potentials for development, from the design of infrastructures to the supply of technology, from dialogue on primary needs of more disadvantaged areas, to vocational and entrepreneurial training.

Moreover, through continuous technical and institutional interaction, it was possible to address the Countries’ attention towards sound management of marine and environmental resources, the quality of production and distribution chains, the diversification of fishery activities and their integration with the tourist services. Italy and the partner countries of NEMO project design a new route for the Mediterranean, towards a better quality of life of its inhabitants. WEBPORT is a gateway to the international community and to the existing region-based entities actively involved in cooperation projects for development, from small and medium enterprises to the third sector. It is a digital reception tool, and a good practice for the defense and enhancement of regional identities and for the safeguard of the human person. Browse through our website.

Follow the B-Logbook of the communities and the Agenda of international initiatives and meetings.

WEBPORT is the digital port of the Mediterranean. It is designed and edited by CIHEAM Bari. It started in 2014 with the support of the Italian Agency for Cooperation to Development.

The pages of Albania and Montenegro were created and implemented as part of the CO.CO.TOUR project funded by the INTERREG IPA CBC Italy - Albania - Montenegro program.


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