Herceg  Novi was and still is tremendous inspiration for many poets, painters, novelist and for all people that are “weak” on beauty. 

Some of the  quotes  are still often mentioned to the strangers to depict this city:   

“And I wonder how the sun could  set down,
when this beauty nowhere else can be found ”
Ljuba Nenadovic 

“The air here is so fragrant and mild, here  where the mother nature so gently and joyfully uncovers her devine bosom to the humankind”
Mako Car

“Whoever had been in Herceg Novi left it  with blinded soul. A muse to the poets, unforgetable encounter to othes . One is for sure: The more you meet Herceg Novi, the more you will deeply and intimately feel it.”
Dusan Kostic

“Here is lived of the sun, because the sun and for the sun (and that is why I came here and stayed) ”
Zuko Dzumhur

These words are so true, Mediterranean beauty, immersed in sun, rich in history and culture – eight centuries old, but forever stunning – lady located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor  and at the foot of Mount Orjen. This town has it all. 

Still, the most heart warming thing about it  is neither of above. It is its community – locals that are carring, open, loquacious, charming, full of specific coastal humor and sharpminded.  They care for their fellow citizens and for the vistor as well.

Here you can find extrodinary individuals and organizations whether they are devoted to the presevation of natural landscapes of mountain Orjen, like “Subra Mountaineering culb” or they endeavor to save old crafts and delicacies  from the oblivion like Asscoiation of Ruke and Novska Kredenca. 

Special attention in community is given to the persons with disability, and their strong support – a kind of  new chance- has been for over a decade Print house and civil society organization Nova Sansa u Novom. This service encourages and strenghtens people with different dissabilities to be part of labour market and offers them working therapy whose products are completaly recycle- based souvenirs

In Herceg Novi the visitor will chat with fishermen at town port, visit many galeries and live through festivals, climb the numerous stone staits and fortesses and really leave it with a heart full of memories for the next  generations. He/She will for sure come back not beacuse of the beaty, history, culture, but beacuse of what these prerogatives create in the hearts of its local communities and visitors.