Exports of blue crabs, record numbers in Tunisia

The exports of the blue crab, in Tunisia, reached, in the first half of 2018, values never reached before. In fact, the quantities exported increased by 1102%, from 120.6 tonnes in the first 6 months of 2017 to 1450 tonnes in the same period this year.

The Ministry of Agriculture said that the blue crab, an alien species on the Tunisian coast, is a resource rather than a problem for fishermen.
In fact, the economic value of exports of this species increased from 0.7 million dinars in 2017 to 8.6 million dinars in 2018, with a growth rate of 1123%.

The blue crab contributes to the increase in the value of exports of fish products, which goes to a total of 11065 tons, with a value of 208.7 million dinars at the end of June 2018, against 9968 tons for a value of 196.2 million of dinars during the same period of 2017.

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