Wool to promote the craft tradition of Matrouh

The installation of a factory for the production of wool products is the initiative implemented at Marsa Matrouh by the Desert Research Center, to promote the craft tradition of Marsa Matrouh in this sector. The laboratory also aims to promote the involvement of women in the economic activities of the community. In fact, inside the factory, women are employed in production processes, after the appropriate and necessary training courses.

The production process in the laboratory begins with the purchase of the raw material. The following phases involve the washing and drying of wool and the removal of impurities.

Once these processes have been completed, the yarn is produced using the appropriate spinning machines.

The yarns obtained are used to make traditional carpets, made with manual looms.

Carpets and other artefacts, made inside the factory, are on display in the local markets for their marketing and for the promotion of the activity and creativity of the women of Marsa Matrouh. Income from sales makes it possible to guarantee income for working women and the consequent improvement in their economic conditions.

Each single carpet requires the involvement of two workers and about three months for its weaving.

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