Nature reserves in Matrouh

Egypt has more than 30 nature reserves, covering 15% of the entire territory. These areas conserve and protect not only the natural heritage and biodiversity of the area but also a very important cultural heritage, geological structures and economic resources.

The reserve of El Ghazlan, in the Siwa Oasis, belongs to the Governorate of Matrouh and includes under its protection a wide variety of wild animals and rare and/or endangered species, such as deer and wild rabbits, foxes, wolves and some rare birds. It also contains many medicinal and aromatic plants.

Also in the Governorate of Matrouh is the protected area of Al Ameed. Declared a nature reserve in 1986, the area of Al Ameed protects rare animals, migratory birds, medicinal and aromatic plants, some rare reptiles and insects and important soil formations such as sand dunes.

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