DJAZAQUA – International Forum on Aquaculture and Fish Resources

Thursday, October 11, 2018, at the conference room of the National Chamber of Agriculture was held the fourth edition of the International Forum on Aquaculture and Fish Resources, DJAZAQUA, which covers the latest and cutting-edge techniques in the supply chain of fisheries and aquaculture: health management and pathology, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, farming and environmental systems, sustainability, quality and transformation, economics and markets and new perspectives for the development of fish farming.

The forum, dedicated to operators in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors at all levels of the various sectors, was an opportunity to meet and share between the actors operating at government level and those working in private companies or in the field of research and university education.

DJAZAQUA was therefore a unique opportunity to compare the results of research and technical progress with the real difficulties of these sectors.

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